Signal Partners is a solution and service provider specialised in mobility, data networks and their design and maintenance.


Our mission is to help our customers mobilise their business to bring them financial benefits and streamline their day-to-day business operations. Our customers include both Finnish and global companies and public sector organisations from various industries. We design, build, maintain, manage and monitor their data networks and mobile device base. We are software-independent and engage in seamless collaboration with various software companies.

Our SignalONE service concept brings together the products and services our customers need.

It enables our customers to secure the installation, monitoring, functionality, maintenance and servicing of their IT equipment throughout its life cycle.



Mikael Cremon Lundblad
Senior Key Account Manager, Sweden

Mikael has over 10 years of experience in the branch. He is eager to use his technical knowledge  and solution-oriented mindset to build long-term customer relationships by creating added value to customers.

Tel. +46 70 744 88 38, [email protected]



With his energetic and customer-focused approach, Teemu leads Signal Partners Group, leveraging over 20 years of experience in the mobile industry to ensure top level customer satisfaction and innovative solutions.

Tel. +358 400 562 041, [email protected]

Jarkko Puumalainen

Jarkko Puumalainen
Sales Director

Our sales director has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, covering various roles in sales, business development, and management. For Jarkko, delivering a first-class customer experience and creating value for clients are at the core of everything he does.

Tel. +358 40 031 6801, [email protected]

Pekka Laitinen
Chairman of the Board

Pekka is one of the original founders of Signal and serves as the Executive Chairman of Signal Partners Group, where he also undertakes the essential role of CFO, steering both strategic and financial directions for the organization.

Tel. +358 50 377 2266, [email protected]


Samu Oja
Key Account Manager

Samu is responsible for Signal’s sales at the Oulu office. His brisk and customer-oriented attitude and decades of experience in selling IT solutions guarantee expert service in any matter at hand. Samu has been working at Signal since the very beginning.

Tel. +358 40 509 0900, [email protected]

key account manager

Pekka is a seasoned IT sales professional. He started at Signal in 2014 and is thoroughly familiar with the mobile and network solutions we offer. Among other things, Pekka is responsible for the forest industry sector.

Tel. +358 50 311 2218, [email protected]


Markus Saks
Key Account Manager

Markus, who represents the rare Signal Fresh Face year 2021 series, strives in his work to find solutions that create value for the customer. A diverse history in marketing and sales, combined with the service designer’s worldview, often also gives the customer surprising ideas for business development.

Tel. +358 400 674 277, [email protected]


Tony Serko
Area Manager, Sweden

Tony is one of the original founders of our company, who recently transferred his expertise to Sweden. In addition to our Swedish customers, he also manages the customer relationships that date back to his extensive career in Finland. He is a widely respected pioneer in our industry.

Tel. +358 400 688 006, +46 727 441180
[email protected], [email protected]

Jari Vesala
Senior Account Manager

Jari has a very long experience in sales, which makes him highly conversant with customer care and service. Jari mainly serves the manufacturing industry, the logistics sector and the public sector.

Tel. +358 400 990 390, [email protected]



Anne Voutilainen
Marketing and Communications Manager

Anne is responsible for Signal’s marketing and communications matters both internally and externally. She has extensive experience in marketing and sales positions in the IT sector.

Tel. +358 50 388 0292, [email protected]




Petri Leskinen
Service Manager

Petri is responsible for Networking services under the SignalONE concept. An expert in telecommunications networks, he masters network solutions for both production-critical and office environments. Petri has been with the company since 2007 and has meritoriously certified himself for Cisco solutions, among other things.

Tel. +358 50 562 6133, [email protected]

Jari Mustonen
Partner Manager

Jari is responsible for Signal’s Sourcing Team and relationships with distributors and vendors. He has many years of experience within mobility from large customer projects to sales tasks. Jari handles contacts with manufacturers and distri.

Tel. +358 40 487 8244, [email protected]



Fredric Nylund

Fredric is responsible for Mobility services under the SignalONE concept. Over the course of his career, he has seen the transformation of mobile devices from text-based systems to the state-of-the-art software in the industry. Fredric also has extensive experience on peripherals such as barcode readers and printers. He has been with the company since 2004.

Tel. +358 40 530 8639, [email protected]



Juho Vartiainen
Service Director

Juho leads Signal’s Production Team that provides service, pre-installations, Service Desk support, logistics and onsite services. Juho has a technical background and he has started his Signal career in Networking Team in 2010.

Tel. +358 40 776 8757, [email protected]





Tiilitie 10 FI-01720 Vantaa, Finland
Tel. +358 20 743 1655 

Tyrnäväntie 12 FI-90400 Oulu, Finland
Tel. +358 20 743 1643

Svärdvägen 21, SE- 182 33 Danderyd, Sweden
Tel. +46 8 446 1450