Edzcom and Signal Partners Cooperation

Yhteistyössä Kauko ja Signal Partners kuva Mikko Törmänen

Press Release 27.5.2021

EDZCOM and Signal Partners cement their partnership to enable state-of-the-art device management to EDZCOM’s customers

EDZCOM has signed a pan-European partnership with Signal Partners, a Nordic leader in enterprise mobility solutions and device management. Through this vertical collaboration, EDZCOM has the ability to better serve their customer needs by providing customized device solutions as part of their entire network.

EDZCOM, Europe’s leading edge connectivity solution provider has signed a partnership with Signal Partners, a specialist in mobile devices and lifecycle management. By combining capabilities, both enterprises have the possibility to provide an end-to-end IT infrastructuresolution. As part of the collaboration, EDZCOM provides private edge connectivity networks for its customers, whereas  Signal Partner adds tailor-made solutions for the business-critical environment.

The shared objective is to enhance their services to best cater to the growing digitalization and automation needs of heavy industry. This is an End-to-End service solution delivered and managed through a single point of contact, which is suited for customers who require both private network and devices.

“The private network segment is relatively new, and EDZCOM is the leading company in this area. It was a natural fit to start a cooperation with EDZCOM, as we are both forerunners in our own segments. Through our collaboration, we have the possibility to provide an efficient turnkey solution to our customers. What we offer together with EDZCOM is everything the customer needs outside of applications,” notes Pekka Laitinen, CEO of Signal Partners.

“Signal Partners are an authority in sourcing and selling devices – they excel in configuring, testing and ensuring that replacement devices are available while understanding its lifecycle, as well as refining the process of how to provide device solutions as part of the whole network. We truly believe that the partnership will best complement our customers”, acknowledges Mikko Uusitalo, Managing Director at Edzcom.

Automation and private networks change operations in heavy industries

As heavy industries are moving away from analogue environments and man-operated equipment, connectivity that is exceptionally reliable and secure is required in digitalization and automation. Leveraging robotics or other technologies can create a safer operating environment, more efficient results and even drive new growth in industries.

“In the past, dumpers to trucks or drilling machines have been man-operated. However this practice is declining as more of our customers are utilizing our wireless technology for increased automation. In this scenario, an operator can work remotely in a safe environment. Our network provides the connectivity between machines and the command centre, whereas Signal Partners supplies the device, such as routers or drones with the required software, thereby creating the link between the wireless network and the actual equipment ”, explains Mikko Uusitalo from EDZCOM.

Reduced costs and growth through efficiency

EDZCOM and Signal Partners ensure that the network and devices work seamlessly together. Customers can benefit from this collaboration through reduced total costs and improved efficiency in their operations. Leveraging capabilities allow companies to manage personal communications equipment for demanding and hazardous environments, and to provide improved safety and performance by enhanced situational awareness.

“By selecting our joint network and device solutions, customers can be assured of its seamless function and best performance through our combined expertise. Moreover, our customers will have peace of mind on both the quality of the solution as well as its management and cost optimization”, assesses Mikko Uusitalo from EDZCOM.

As a result of the end-to-end solutions, customers can perform their operations more smoothly. Efforts to run, manage and maintain the network, together with customized devices will be automated and outsourced – allowing companies to redistribute their resources to other core aspects of their business.

“We’re excited that our customers will have the ability to tap into next generation, state-of-the-art services, remote management and real-time safety features. This move enables companies more opportunities to innovate their own operations”, notes Pekka Laitinen from Signal Partners.

Further information:

Mikko Uusitalo, Managing Director, EDZCOM, [email protected], +358 40 455 0480

Pekka Laitinen, CEO, Signal Partners, [email protected], +358 50 377 2266


EDZCOM, a Cellnex Company, is the European market leader in Edge Connectivity, originated in Finland, specialised in designing, building and operating private wireless network solutions for the enterprise customers, with a focus on business-critical operations. In addition to Finland, EDZCOM has rapidly expanded to France, UK, Spain, the Netherlands and Northern Europe. EDZCOM solutions are designed and built for the customer, guaranteeing high performance of business-critical communications, and enabling 100% customer control. For more information visit www.edzcom.com and follow EDZCOM on LinkedIn.

About Signal Partners

Signal Partners is one of the leading Enterprise Mobility solution providers in Nordics. Signal Partners specializes in network designs and deployments as well as in ruggedized mobility. Signal Partners’ technology and service solutions help the customers mobilize their business and holistically manage  their IT infrastructure. Signal Partners’ professional service team is dedicated to improve the customers’ productivity and operational efficiency in business critical environments in various verticals. Signal Partners provides the infrastructure the customers need for an Enterprise Mobility solution with more than 20 years knowledge – from planning and design through to deployment and lifecycle management.