Teemu Miettinen becomes the new Chief Executive Officer of Signal Partners Group

Yhteistyössä Kauko ja Signal Partners kuva Mikko Törmänen

Dear Business Partners,

We are pleased to announce that with the expansion of Signal Partners Group’s operations, Teemu Miettinen has been appointed as the new CEO effective from January 1, 2024. Pekka Laitinen, previously serving as CEO, has transitioned to the role of Chairman of the Board.

In the fiscal year ending December 31, 2023, our group’s revenue exceeded 30 million euros. As we prepare for future growth, we have reorganized roles and strengthened our team. These strategic changes help us prepare for upcoming opportunities, and through them, we aim to further strengthen our position in the market as a provider of business-critical services.

In his new role, Pekka Laitinen will focus on developing the company’s strategy and board operations. Additionally, he will serve as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the group, reporting directly to Teemu Miettinen.

We also welcome Jarkko Puumalainen as our new Sales Director, starting on January 8, 2024. With previous experience at Apple, Cisco, Lamia, and HPE, Jarkko brings a profound understanding of our customers’ daily and business-critical needs.

Congratulations to Teemu, Pekka, and Jarkko on their new positions, and thank you to our business partners for your continued support of Signal Partners Group’s success.